Flamingo Patterned Men's Knit Socks

Flamingo Patterned Men's Knit Socks

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Add some fun to your outfit with these flamingo & Striped patterned throughout Turquoise color background Socks. These socks are perfect for when you have to maintain being a professional but still have that burning desire to be fun & silly! These socks are super soft & comfy.

~ Material Content:
* 70% Cotton
* 25% Polyester
* 5% Spandex

~ Care Instruction:
* Machine Wash Cold
* Do Not Bleach

~ Measurement:

* Men's Size 10-13/Shoe Size 6-12.5
* One Size Fits Most
* Socks Approx. Measured 9"Ankle Area x 10"Foot x 3.3"W