Bethany Lowe Designs - Magic Catty Jack Lantern

Bethany Lowe Designs - Magic Catty Jack Lantern

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A Johanna Parker design for Bethany Lowe. After many years serving as a witch's familiars, some black cats are capable of doing magic all by themselves! With some extra whimsical flair to Johanna Parker's iconic black cat design, this Magic Catty Jack Lantern might just have you start believing in magic! This grinning lantern has an enchanting look with a base that's decorated with little moons and stars all around it. His eyes and mouth have so much personality, and since they are paper cutouts, you can put an LED tealight inside to light it like a real jack-o-lantern! Bring a little magic to your Halloween decor with this fun Magic Catty Jack Lantern!

~ Material Content:

* 100% Paper Mache

~ Contrast Material Content:

* 100% Wire

~ Measurement:

8.75"W x8.5"Tall