Bethany Lowe Designs - Batty Kitty on Pumpkin

Bethany Lowe Designs - Batty Kitty on Pumpkin

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A Michelle Lauritsen design for Bethany Lowe. A bat? A cat? Don't drive yourself batty trying to figure it out, that's just what this little black kitty wants! This cute Batty Kitty on Pumpkin figure wears an orange jumpsuit with white polka dots and a conical hat with white and black stripes. Maybe she's trying to be a witch too! Carrying her little white pumpkin bucket, she hopes the confusion over what she is for Halloween will give her time to nab some extra candy. Standing on her jack-o-lantern pedestal, she would be extra fun paired with more trick or treating Halloween figures!

~ Material Content:

* 100% Resin

~ Contrast Material Content:

* 100% Wire

~ Measurement:

* 9.5"Tall x 4"W