Cat Sabbath Tee
Cat Sabbath Tee
Cat Sabbath Tee

Cat Sabbath Tee

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The original Gods of Cat Metal: Cat Sabbath!It may seem hard to believe, but when the band formed in the late 60s, the idea of four cats meowing demonically over aggressive guitar riffs was brand new. In fact, "heavy meowtal" wasn't even a term yet.

The band's self-titled debut was panned by critics, who noted (quite accurately) that it sounded "like a bunch of cats strangling each other." But it was an immediate hit with fans, who enjoyed the band's dark sound in an age of "flower kitten" hippie culture.

After more than four decades, and 75 million albums sold, the band is now revered as cat rock pioneers, having paved the way for bands like Iron Meowden, Meowtörhead and Meowtallica.

Photo Credits: @efgpr @ll.island


~  Material Content:

*  100% Cotton

~  Care Instructions:

*  Machine Wash Cold

*  Do Not Bleach

*  Dry Low


~  Measurement:

*  Size Small Approx. Measured 34"Bust x 27"Length

*  Size Medium Approx. Measured 36"Bust x 28"Length

*  Size Large Approx. Measured 38"Bust x 29"Length

Cat Sabbath Tee